RCHIGEUM Studio of Architectural Direction was founded to pursue architectural design in the broadest sense. We treat design work as a theatrical stage. Using the resources of human imagination, we try to direct the space of everyday life around us in the best possible way.

We are committed to designing architecture that is functional, economically justified, and, above all, enriches the environment in which it is created. We believe that the key to achieving this is to work closely with the project owner and to exchange ideas and views. Our designs are created in cooperation with a proven team of engineers, as well as landscape architecture and fine arts specialists. Our strength is our interdisciplinary design team. We actively participate in the implementation of projects, from concepts to construction and detailed design to site supervision.

We specialise in designing the architecture of public utility, sports, industrial, and residential buildings, as well renovations and interior design.

“There is no topic that could not serve as a pretext to make architecture”

Come and join us in the process of creating spaces.




  • complete construction documentation and detailed documentation including all trades (architecture, construction, water and sewage systems, ventilation systems, electrical and telecommunications systems, etc.) required to obtain a building permit
  • architectural and conservation records
  • architectural concepts for buildings and urban planning and studies of their feasibility
  • project owners’ cost estimates, bills of quantities and technical specifications
  • author’s supervision
  • implementation of public-private partnership projects
  • revitalising brownfield sites and demonstrating development directions
  • development of economic and industrial activity zones
  • facility management design
  • preparation of marketing offers


  • preparation of applications and requests for a decision on land development conditions, changes to local spatial plans
  • preparation of studies on the conditions and directions of spatial development
  • complementary services for preparation and submission in administrative processes
  • analyses of regulatory plans


  • advising on investment processes, transformations and development of complementary concepts for areas requiring revitalisation or change of use
  • conceptual and investment outsourcing consisting in the preparation of a feasibility and profitability study of the project